*Please read thoroughly*




1. Processing and Shipping

  • All orders are final after being processed,
  • No cancellations allowed.
  • Once order is processed we will then prepare and ship it.

  ⦁ Please allow your order to be prepared and shipped within 2-5 business days.


2. Once we ship your order it is then in the responsibility of USPS.

⦁ Your order is no longer our responsibility once shipped out.


3. Shipping Cost

⦁ All shipping costs are at a flat rate of $5.99
⦁ If your order is at least $99, you will automatically qualify for free shipping.


4. Timing of your order when it is delivered varies.

⦁ Based on where you are located and where we ship from will affect how soon you your package is delivered.
⦁ Please allow 2-10 business days for delivery after being shipped.
⦁ Delayed shipping will be due to weather conditions, holidays, and weekends.


1. Damage To Items

⦁ We ship all items free of flaws and defects.
⦁ If your item/s were damaged before receiving it due to the shipping process and you noticed the damages upon opening, immediately notify us through email or Facebook Messenger.
⦁ We require you to notify us of the damaged product/s within 4 days of delivery.
⦁ It is mandatory to have the damaged product/s delivered to us within 14 days after inquiring us about the damage.
⦁ Any packages that are returned will not be accepted if it exceeds the 14 day period.
⦁ For speedier processes, please attach the package slip, which has the invoice number, with item/s damaged along with reasoning why item/s are damaged with returned package.
⦁ Customer is responsible for shipping cost.
⦁ The amount of purchase for the item your returning will be credited to your account. No refunds.
⦁ Having an account set up is necessary for the return process.


2. Receiving an Incorrect Order


⦁ If your order is incorrect, please notify us via email or Facebook Messenger.
⦁ Providing the invoice number, item that's incorrect along with reasoning why, will make for faster communication.
⦁ The amount of purchase for the item your returning will be credited to your account. No refunds. You must have an account set up for crediting purposes.
⦁ We will cover shipping cost.
⦁ We will require you to notify us within 4 days of delivery and be delivered back within 14 days after inquiring us about the incorrect order.


3. Clothing That Does Not Fit

⦁ If the clothing does not fit, shipping fee will customer's responsibility.
⦁ We will try our best to inform you of the measurements of our clothing along with how they fit when on. We also have a convenient sizing chart available.
⦁ We must have the packaged delivered back to us within 14 days of inquiring us that your item/s did not fit.
⦁ Item/s must be in the original state as how we shipped it. (No stretching to material etc.)
⦁ Notify us within 4 days of delivery
⦁ Anything not shipped to us within 14 of delivery will not be accepted.
⦁ We do not do exchanges. Store credit only.



⦁ Scent: smoke, alcohol, sweat, perfume, environmental odors etc.
⦁ Stains: Makeup, deodorant, dirt, grease etc.
⦁ Wear & Tear: stretching of material, holes, fade-away color, any flaws, not in original state etc
⦁ Jewelry & Accessories: earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, head wear, tumblers, etc.
⦁ Clearance Items: any and all items that are discounted
⦁ Return items that exceed the 14 day period of being delivered.

*If the item cannot be returned to our stock and be resold due to damages, flaws, and they are not in their original state AFTER delivery, we will not accept the returns.*


*Please Take Note*

⦁ We cannot guarantee availability of wanted items.
⦁ Any and all returns will be credited to your account. No Refunds.
⦁ We do not do exchanges, simply place a new order with credited amount on your account.
⦁ You must ship the item/s back in a proper package suitable for your item.
⦁ Please ship back with a shipping company that tracks your order like USPS, Fed Ex, or UPS. This will help eliminate any difficulties when the package is being shipped back.
⦁ Returns must have the packaging slip enclosed within the returned package. This is the paper that provides the date, order number, description of item/s, price, and quantity of item/s you ordered. Any item being returned must have that information. If you lost your slip, log into your account and enclose the required information on paper and have that shipped back within the package. That information can be found in your order history.
⦁ Store credit is issued once your returned item is received and inspected. Please allow at least 2 business days for store credit after being received. 
⦁ When contacting us about an order please include the order number of your package for faster communication.

If you need help with the process of returning a package or any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask for assistance. Please contact us via email or Facebook Messenger.