Our Story

Rustic Roots originated from a passion for handcrafted items, style, and the southern way of life. It all began from a town in West Texas...

Starting from making jewelry,home decor, to furniture, it sparked a fire that couldn't go out. Creating what was envisioned was exciting and to give people what was created was even more exciting. But striving for better and not wanting to give up Rustic Roots wanted to offer more.

Eventually venturing out to a bigger playing field, came the idea of an online boutique. With hard work, perseverance and many trials and tribulations, that goal became reality.

Rustic Roots wants to provide it's customers with that "Southern Glam" kind of style. Our customers are always #1 and we will work 100% to provide them with the best, stylish, and unique products to make them happy!

With that being said, we are pleased to offer a little piece of our southern style into your home and wardrobe!


Rustic Roots